Trade Compliance

Compliance is not an option and should be a priority for every importer as Customs’ continue to tighten enforcement measures by expanding program initiatives, targeted compliance and increasing penalties by all levels of the government involved in trade.  The OC’s Trade Compliance group has a qualified team of trained professionals that have focused on advocacy and informed compliance through active participation in the Customs, logistics and trade industries for over 30 years.  Our team are tariff classification specialists with proven success in valuation and origin rulings, audit support, voluntary disclosures, drawbacks, transfer pricing, Safe Food for Canadians (SFCR) certification, SIMA application and/or  Transport Canada/Health Canada import requirements.  It is a shared responsibility by an importer and their customs professional to ensure that when you hear the words “advocacy”,  “informed compliance” or “Reason to Believe” that you actually know what they mean before an AMPS penalty has been issued.  As we approach the new world of CARM an importer must ensure they have a strong partner focused on helping you manage your risk. Compliance is a choice but enforcement is not only mandatory, it is legislated.