OCTC Audit

Audits are a new reality as CBSA has greater access to trade data which means it is not “if” you get audited but rather “when” you get audited.  The days of Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) knocking on doors or even coming to your facility at all have become a rare event as budget cuts and travel restrictions are rising and the trend of desk audits has proven to be of greater success.  Desk Audits are performed electronically and initiated by a letter sent to you as an importer asking for files to be sent to CBSA for review.   Did you receive a letter?  Were you surprised?  Was the target verification on the CBSA Trade Compliance Verification listing? If you don’t have all these answers you should speak to an OCTC team member to provide support and guidance through this process.  If you need an updated copy of the target list, contact The OC today for a most recent copy.