Facilitative Coaching

The OC develops and administers facilitative coaching & leadership programs that are an integral part of an organizations’ supply chain management from day to day customs and logistics management, compliance controls but also onboarding/succession within teams and C level reporting .   It is important that even at the C level that there is an understanding and standard for setting internal controls for corporate governance, reporting, and data collection to ensure operational efficiencies that limit exposure to risk, penalties and potential problems that could impact your supply chain. Global trade is a world of acronyms that speaks a language that is understood by few.  You may have possibly heard of SWI, CARM, CFIA, B2B, B2C, block chain or even the PIL, WACM, CACM, eManifest or D4 messaging but do you know how they work, are connected or could impact you?  In order to minimize your exposure to risk you must  ensure your staff are equipped with the tools they need to operate within global trade