About us

“Otimo” is a Portuguese word that means excellence which is the foundation for which The OC has been created.  Our team of dedicated individuals have been servicing the customs and logistics industry for over 30 years and bring a level of  trust, industry knowledge and experience that has built our strong reputation.  The OC recognizes that global trade continues to be a significant part of every business transaction and the need for a premium service provider to help navigate this ever changing environment is stronger than ever.  The Otimo team is committed to you and takes every day as a challenge to do more and better than we did yesterday.  To be Otimo is a choice and one we take seriously.

Why Choose The OC?We will exceed your expectations by the standards in excellence we have developed through our experience, strategic partnerships and industry knowledge.  As we have seen the shift from paper to electronic and border clearance to single window it is this knowledge based experience that has provided The OC the ability to adapt to the current industry shifts.  Our commitment is to you with a personalized service that you can rely on to be direct, honest and integral to your operations.   If we don’t know the answer, we find the answer.  We choose to be Otimo in everything we do!

Mission Statement

To build an organization with integrity, diversity and ethics that makes a difference

in what and how we do things to our valued clients, our colleagues, our community, and industry trade partners. 


Is to create a standard for Customs professionals that is a proven and respected part of the corporate culture from onboarding to succession at all levels within an organization.

To inspire everyone around us to be and do more.


To be Otimo everyday in everything we do, say and can do.

To be an essential part of the importing process that is trusted, valued and respected for what we do each day.